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Article published on Aug. 6, 2009
Article published on Aug. 6, 2009
© Mila, Minsk Cafe Babel “You my… #8!” Sounds not that romantic, isn’t it? It depends. When it comes to the position in the world’s rating it gets quite attractive. Especially, when you are 19. This is all about Belarusian Victoria Azarenka who is at the present moment the 8th in WTA rating.

Twelve years ago tennis was just one of the options for Alla Azarenka, Victoria’s mother, among number of spheres where her daughter could apply her activity. Nobody knows who happens that certain mothers guess it right what will make their child famous and, as a rule, happy. Anyway, unlike the mothers who forced their children to go in for sport, Alla Azarenka had the problem to make her daughter leave tennis court.  

Victoria grew up as a sportswoman looking at such stars of not just Belarusian but world tennis as Mirnyi and Zvereva. On her way from the girl who serves the tennis to the girl who earns hundreds of thousands dollars hitting these balls with the racquet Victoria Azarenka had the experience of playing in Spain but she was disappointed by the Spanish tennis school and the opportunities it afforded. 

The crucial point of Victoria Azarenka’s career was the invitation by the family of Russian NHL goalie Khabibulin. The wife of Khabibulin, actually, her name is Victoria too, is from Belarus. That was she who saw the play of young Azarenka and understood that “promising” was not just a stock word that is applied to the majority of a young hopefuls. The performance of Azarenka at junior tournament Khabibulina and her daughter Sasha attended really let cherish hope. But in order to justify that hope certain conditions and opportunities were needed what Belarusian tennis school lacked. On other hand, everything that a young hopeful needs was in sufficiency in the USA where Victoria Azarenka was invited by Victoria Khabibulina. This “everything” includes well-equipped courts, experienced partners and trainers, competent coach and some that on favourable starting conditions help a sportsman to succeed.

The support young tennis player got from the Khabibulins was the inspiration and stimulus. Year by year improving her results and winning titles Victoria Azarenka made the tennis world treat her seriously when she was just a teenager. 

“External sport career” that is about Azarenka. She is just 19 and she already has several “adult” titles and traumas which are natural stages of the life of sportsmen. Even now her play has almost no gaps and she becomes quite a complete player. Her professional grow which consists of not only improvement of techniques but also mastering of psychological aspect of the game. What is the most important is that Victoria believes she CAN. She can further improve her play, she can win important championships and titles advancing her status in the tennis world.

People may say that she is a lucky stiff. Indeed. She was lucky when her mother choose tennis. She was lucky when Victoria Khabibulina acquired confidence in her. She was lucky to make a fruitful duet with her American coach Antonio Van Grihen. Yes, good fortune smiles Victoria Azarenka. But luck as a clever granter doesn’t wan to be the only donor. Talent, diligence, strong will are the permanent partners of luck and guarantors of its investments what is proved by the example of Victoria Azarenka.