The Power of Public Art: How Murals Beautify Cities

Article published on Aug. 4, 2017
Article published on Aug. 4, 2017

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The existence of murals is no novelty. This is a very large piece of art, which includes many interesting things, difficult techniques and so on.

This is a specific kind of painting, which is associated with the creation of different images on walls, ceilings or floors. There are different styles, which have their own peculiarities and benefits. They are used for the designs of buildings, restaurants, hotels and other structures. Commonly, murals are painted outside. Nevertheless, they are used inside the structures as well.

Murals are captivating and vivid. They bring the sense of energy, color, and brightness. One can create a special atmosphere using a mural. They have a great editing impact and may bring multiple benefits for any structure or even a simple wall in a city or town. They make the streets come alive and more attractive.

In order to find out more about the possible benefits of murals, it is necessary to make allowances for this piece of art. There are three major kinds of murals and each is specific in its own way. These are painted tile and ceramic murals. Now, let’s take a closer look at all three types. The pictures given below will help us to understand the differences and peculiarities of each type.

#1. Painted Murals. This type of murals is referred to images where the surface of the walls is painted. The creation of these murals on the walls is pre-decided. All the images and designs are supposed to be painted on clay or ceramic leaves. Afterward, the artists depict the final image on the walls. This type is utterly popular within children. One can see lots of kids who are involved in the process of creation. They eagerly fulfill even very difficult elements and are fully dedicated to this marvelous art. This type of murals has de-stressing effects and help adults to lessen nerve tension and reduce anxiety. The capabilities of this type are various and an artist may achieve different visual effects.

#2. Tile Murals. These murals should be first painted on the tiles. This is an obvious fact. Afterward, they will be fixed on the walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. This type of murals is commonly used to turn cold looking places into something more energetic and alive. It has multiple benefits due to its vivid properties and can turn a dull looking place into an intriguing and captivating area. Another quality of this type is the possibility to play with the size. It is possible to cut tiles into small or large pieces in order to suit in the interior or exterior. They can give an absolutely novice and more advantageous outlook to any place.

#3. Ceramic Murals. This kind of murals is made of ceramic pieces, which is obvious. However, the artists likewise put to use mirror and mosaic. This kind provides you with an opportunity to reveal your imaginative skills. At first, the masters make the images with clay. They can turn any place into the center of inspiration and fun.

It is needed to mention some other types of murals that are not so widely used. These are climbing and traversing wall murals. In addition, there are some other types. If you are interested in them, you should make a research find those types.

However, the implementation of murals is beneficial for any interior and exterior for your home. They likewise beautify cities and towns. This piece of art is adored by many people.