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Article published on Nov. 4, 2007
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Article published on Nov. 4, 2007
Since the last 11th of October, we can enjoy in the cinemas of Seville the hoped debut of Juan Antonio Bayona produced by Gillermo del Toro, The Orphabage. This film, candidate for the Oscars has been named and renowned during the last months. Personally, Belén Rueda is not one of my fauvorite actresses at all.
But in spite of that I have to say in favour of her that she plays an incredible role in the film, which seems to be written for her, although at the beginning one thinks she is going to make the breakfast to the Serrano (for those who don’t live in Spain, Los Serrano is a TV series about a family, and Belén Rueda is the mother). By now, the film has opened the Festival of Sitges, but let´s hope it goes to more than one European festival.


The film scares, scares a lot…one feels he/she is the traveling companion of the rest of people who are watching the film with you in the same theater, what never happened to me before. A scream of somebody in a scene provokes comments in the other side of the theater or respectful laughs as a harmonious answer of their fear. What is true is that it is not the most meaningful thing of the film. It is an easy fear, even poetic, soft (and not less sinister for this reason). The tender look of Simón, as the one of every child, is the leitmotiv of the story; do not loose sight of it. An advice: read Peter Pan before watching the film. Most of you will know the story, but it is worth and the nods of the film to the story of Peter Pan are more charming if one has read it.

Sara Domínguez Martín

Translated by:

Antonio Martínez Pérez