The Issue of EU Court after Brexit

Article published on Aug. 2, 2017
Article published on Aug. 2, 2017

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This article will shed some light on the question of jurisdiction in the UK. There are many issues to consider due to the Brexit process and one of them is the matter of the new court in the UK.

Mr. Rees-Mogg, the famous backbencher told that the jurisdiction of the EU should be stopped immediately. Otherwise, the United Kingdom would not actually leave the European Union. Right now, there are multiple issues between the UK and the EU concerning the leaving of the UK the Union, which is called Brexit. One of such involves the matter of the court.

The authorities are trying to decide the role of the court in enforcing the rights of EU citizens. This is one of the most disputed and difficult questions about Brexit. It is known that the United Kingdom will leave the EU in March of the year 2019. One of the main questions is how to regulate different legislative processes in regard to EU citizens who will remain in the country after the departure. Probably, this question should be resolved before 2019 comes.

It goes without saying that British courts will be again in power after the final of the Brexit process. Therefore, the laws and regulations of the EU court aren’t supposed to work within the country. Nevertheless, the EU authorities say that EU court should have at least some rights on the territory of Britain. This issue seems to turn into a great dilemma and there is a huge need for resolution. The help is required and we are not talking about essay generator or something of the kind. Otherwise, there is a threat of a big conflict in the future.

Mr. Rees-Mogg is confident that the UK jurisdiction needs no senior courts. As soon as the Kingdom leaves the Union, there should be only the jurisdiction of the UK. The country will make its own laws in accordance with its domestic principles and customs. This is utterly important because it would make the whole country fully independent and would show its individuality. The backbencher said that the functioning of the EU court should stop as soon as the Brexit process is accomplished. No other versions are acceptable and possible. In the occasion, the EU jurisdiction would remain in power in any kind, this would mean that the UK did not actually leave the Union.

In the meanwhile, the member states of the EU are arguing concerning this question. They wish to protect the rights of their citizens who would be on the territory of the UK. Of course, this is the correct and justified policy. Notwithstanding, in March 2019 the UK will stop being the member state and has all rights to implement its own laws and regulations.

Mr. Rees-Mogg is convinced that the measurements should be done within the shortest terms. There is no time to be wasted and the government of the country should not wait until the process of Brexit is over. The first steps can be taken now. This is needed for the whole nation. People ought to be prepared for the changes.

There are multiple discussions concerning the immigration process as well. The UK will not shut the borders. Nevertheless, the number of outlanders will be sufficiently reduced. The policy will be stricter and it will become harder for a foreigner to get into the country.

This matter is of great importance and it will be difficult to come to a satisfactory consensus. However, it is obvious that the UK will not retreat and will implement its policy as it wishes. Hopefully, the resolution will be found very quickly and it will not harm the relationships between the United Kingdom and other countries who are the members of the European Union. There are many aspects to consider and resolve.