The EU Sustainable Energy Week attracts 30,000 people to Brussels

Article published on March 31, 2010
Article published on March 31, 2010
This week in Brussels, cafebabel was present at the EU sustainable energy week, which has attracted more than 30,000 people who came to present how sustainable topics are tackled in Europe. Energy was the star issue of this fourth edition of the week, focusing on shaping the future of energy in Europe. What are sustainable solutions that Europe can take to reduce carbon emissions?
How can the EU-27 make more use of renewable energy sources? What are the steps from the private and public sectors can take together to develop cleaner transportation options?

Lectures, discussions and exhibitions of electric cars and motorcycles were giving food for thought to the participants.

We all showed how much we are committed to renewable energy and a better future for our planet. For a week, Brussels was the most sustainable city. Let’s hope that all these great thoughts won’t vanish next week.