The Devil is in the detail

Article published on May 12, 2010
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Article published on May 12, 2010
There is something suspect about the greek crisis... I remember one thing Ι' ve learn as a young solicitor practising penalty law is: ''Never do an illegal, stupid thing (call it whatever you like) because you never know who is looking back at you".
In other words, don' t play tricks, because you never know who is waiting behind the corner to harm you for a reason not personnaly connected to you but who is harming you in order to have a profit. It may start small but it gets uncontrolable..

Greek politics is not heavenly made, and most Greek politicians acted against Greece in the long term by establishing a morbid system of corruption (as a General can easily manipulate his soldiers). I think there is also someone else who is profiting from that.

The crisis that started in Greece has gone beyond control. I remember also learning at law school, when a crime is investigated first thing you ask: "Who 's profiting from the murder?"

There is something "sexy" about Greece or at least it has some sexy aspects.

Greece is selling...Greek drama is interesting, a shiny country at the crossroad of 3 continents which buys big time military equipment from the US, France and Germany, with big reserves of petrol just under Aegean sea that makes the Turkish gvernment to deny any Montago Bay convention restrictions, is also at the verge of Balkans, a military playground for Developpers, Logistic Companies and so on...

A Prime Minister relatively open (!) to foreign suggestions and global governance (who's I do not know yet)

USA is trumbling, EURO is becoming slowly the reserve currency of the world (IRAN switched to EURO, and all of a sudden we care about neclear weapons) and it was about time to delay it a bit the certain fall..

Well, as the lady in the video points out.."the Devil is in the detail! Who is making money on the collapse?? enjoy the video..