Article published on Oct. 27, 2008
Article published on Oct. 27, 2008
Autumn in İstanbul….. In those days the weather is too much changeable in İstanbul but generally is hot..


After a difficult and long lectures in school I am at Taksim. ‘Taksim means water-distribution center, which was used by Sultan Mahmut I in 1732.Its in area which is most beautiful, most crowded place where different kind of people in it.

I am walking ahead Istiklal street. Istiklal Street begins at entrance is from Taksim square. My friends should be waiting me in front of the AFM, with the tickets for the movie ‘A.R.O.G’ that is 5 euro. We want to see film that is full of tension. After a long and tiring day it will be good to have a little excitement I think.

The movie was great.Suddenly we agreed that we are hungry so we are going to dinner but in which place?

It would be very difficult to not having answer this question as we live in Istanbul of course…galata With the history through Istiklal Street we found ourselves in the Galata Tower. Its originaly known as the Tower of Christ, it was erected during the first expansion of the Genoese colony in 1348 in order to defend themselves more adequately.Wıth the megnificent panorama of the bosphorus, delicios kebaps, historical breeze from 1383 with the pleasant talk with friends.. To give 7 euros is enough to live this privilege I think. **We can briefly reccomend you to enjoy Raki (Turkish national drink, is with flat cylindrical glasses and cold (8-10 degree). One can drink it with water, straight, with soda or mineral water.)& Fish on the top of Galata Tower. After a dinner we thoght that to drink some in a different place because the night was just starting..The place is again Taksim.The location is different but not far away from Galata Tower.It calls Nevizade.We drunk fine beer for 2,5 Euro( 50cc) for one person. Working,studying ,diner,drinking..All of them made us tired.If you are in Taksim you can choose everything whatever you want..While we are going back to Taksim Square to take bus we catch the Nostalgic Tramway.Its not just trip to go Taksim square.Its also the trip that in history and cheapest historical trip between past and future and just the price is 0.80 Euro.. We are very glad to welcome you in the city of World’s desire,Istanbul….

UĞUR BAKICI Istanbul Bilgi University