The British Museum and the destruction of the Iraqi artifacts

Article published on Dec. 11, 2010
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Article published on Dec. 11, 2010
British Museum, London.

I am walking with a friend to see the antiquities of the museum, when we find the following pictures hanging in the hall of near easter

It seems that some people undermine us to that extent that they think we are idiots:n civilizations

'' World-famous historical sites as Babylon and Ur were damaged when military bases (!) were built on them''!!!! By who? Where the British not among the soldiers? Why do they destroy the archaeological sites? Why do they bomb mosques which are world monuments?The British Museum, acts like if the UK goverment has nothing to do with Iraq, like if their bosses have nothing to do with the invasion.  This is totally unacceptable, much more insulting than the signs in the Parthenon hall, where they say that we have to ..thank Lord Elgin for his ''humanitarian efforts''!