"The Best of 2007" Results

Article published on March 16, 2008
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Article published on March 16, 2008
New Europe Journal's Editorial Stuff thanks all the readers who took part in the voting. Every vote was really important.We also thank all the authors, firstly, because of their intellectual efforts the site has regular original informational saturation, secondly, because that due to their work we have the opportunity to choose during this competition.

 So, after all the counts and recounts, manipulations and extrapolations, the best of 2007 are:

1. Nomination "Formidable Pen" - Sabina Brylo "Weekly Review" - 80% of votes - sure leader

2. Nomination "New Opinion" - Alexandre Sarna "The Total Glam City" - 40% of votes, democratic majority 

3. Nomination "Important Accent" - Ales Chaichyts "Year in review: the history of one country and the life of one person" - 43% of votes - democratic majority

4. Nomination "Attitude" - Kira Tatyanina "Causing “A defiant silence” - 40% of votes - democratic majority

5. Nomination "Brainteaser" - Nikto.jj.stvo "Niktojdestvo from Nikto.jj.stvo" (80% of votes - "shattering" victory

6. In addition, New Europe's Editorial Stuff would like to make special mention of one of our regular authors - poet and tribune Yaryla Pshanichny, the most brilliant, misterious, intrepid and indefatigable author in his exquisite criticisme of burning social and international issues.

We congratulate all the winners and hope our futher cooperation. Like we have already said, the best authors will be awarded with prizes.

Stay with us,

read and write for New Europe Journal,

Yours, Editorial Stuff

There are not yet all the articles translated into English, sorry for the inconvinience.