The atenistas cleaned Stadiou street

Article published on Feb. 1, 2011
Article published on Feb. 1, 2011
The grass-route movement of , a group of people who want to clean and protect Athens ..stroke again! atenistas They have chosen the dirtiest pavement in between Stadiou and Aeolou streets. Due to bureaucracy, this is a part of one of the most central roads of Athens, which has not been cleaned or renovated.
Despite the heavy cold of that day, the atenistas managed to clean tons of gums out of the pavement, reminding the Athenians of their..''dirty'' habit..

Therefore, the pavements were there from the 80's and were full of bubble gums! 

Check out the video of their action! Its a good sign that all over Greece grass-route movements are trying to clean and protect their local cities and communities. Athens, Thessaloniki, Peiraus, Corfu, Mytilene and Herakleion have already established local groups similar to the atenistas!

Here in Athens, Cafebabel Greece supports all these action and tries to cooperate with all these urban movements who are struggling against the misery of Athens! Good work guys! 

Photos & video by Konstantinos Flamiatos