The 2009 Biketour

Article published on June 1, 2009
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Article published on June 1, 2009
The 2009 Biketour - the project for everyone interested in do-it-yourself ("diy") environmentalism, culture, nature, community life and the art of travelling without engines - the exact opposite of an all-inclusive flight to the beach. Register before 10th of June!

Moving all our stuff by sheer pedal power, we will create an eco-mobile community building up strong connections between participants coming from different cultures and groups, as well as between ourselves and our hosts.

Beginning of July 2009 we will start cycling from Macedonia to Croatia, crossing Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We plan to start our tour on the Belgrade-Skopje train(!), and we will reach the MuM festival in Croatia, 28th of August.

The theme of the 2009 biketour is climate change and energy. In November, the biggest climate summit ever will be held in Copenhagen. The EU is negotiating its energy and climate package for this summit, which still will be far from sufficient to solve the climate crisis. Only, climate and energy policy in the Balkans is even worse! So now the risk is huge that non-EU South Eastern Europe will end up as the sink-hole for dirty energy production of the EU - with all their oil pipelines, nuclear- and coal-fired power, etc.

In the Balkans, national climate energy strategies are underdeveloped and still created in non-transparent processes. There is low public awareness on environmental issues, a weak civil society and many corrupt governments.

The region urgently needs attention from all people who know about the issues of environment... READ MORE...