Ten things you maybe didn't know about Pridnestrovie

Article published on Dec. 15, 2008
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Article published on Dec. 15, 2008
Today I was searching some information about Transnistria - aka Pridnestrovie - and found a probably official web-portal of this not recognized state. Originally Transnistria called my attention first because its quite ready statehood elements without outside recognition, second because of changed circumstances in respect for international law after Kosovo unilateral declaration of independence and thirdly because I predicted that Trandnistria could be the next tinderbox of separatism between Georgian conflict and coming troubles in Ukraine.

In any case my bet is that in western Europe here is lack of wider knowledge over Transdnistria and therefore I copy here Ten things you maybe didn't know about the place. Of course one can have some reservations due the reason that material is from "official" web-sites; however if you go to original source you can have more information about every point, compare it to other information available and make your own conclusions.

Here are some quick facts that will no doubt surprise you:

10: Double of Iceland's population

9: Multi-party democracy

8: Signed UN human rights charters

7: Market based economy

6: A total of 35 nationalities live here

5: OSCE-ruled elections

4: "Clean" report from EU border monitors

3: Historically, never part of Moldova

2: Industrial powerhouse

1: Government success

As said, more info about every point above you can find from original article here.

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