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Article published on Sept. 6, 2007
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Article published on Sept. 6, 2007
Does your nigth ever become your day? Perhaps for some of you it is the time to sleep and dream and rest mind and body; or for others it is to wake and work and live your life? What does night fall bring? Does the darkness of the night bring out fears and anxieties within you or does it bring calm and a sense of peace?
Are there terrifying nightmares within your night or wonderful possibilities through dreams?

Who lives at night? I see the office cleaner, the night porter, the nurse in the hospital, the garage attendant. I see the insomniac who lies awake worrying about the day to come. I see people working at all night radio and tv stations and compiling tomorrow's newspapers. I see parties and clubs in which people dance and drink and talk into the night. I see people on night trains, planes and boats, and I see the pilots and drivers delivering those people to their destinations. I see urban foxes behind rubbish bins and owls in the sky overhead and I hear the night wind and the night rain and I see the moon lighting this nocturnal world.

How do you spend your nights?

Take part in this project by sharing your "nocturnal thoughts". Tell us through words, photographs, films, drawings or music about night... what the night time means for you and the emotions that lie behind these thoughts?

Create a postcard around the theme of "nocturnes" to be published on et

The "Grand Bleu Theatre" in Lille, France, will be the first host of the European tour of the Nocturnes project. Within the project, postcards, photographs, music, film and animation will all be created to present our own unique view of our nights.