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Article published on Feb. 22, 2008
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Article published on Feb. 22, 2008
What's to be Erasmus in...Warsaw? ...Budapest? ...Paris? ...Istanbul? wants to start a practical series of articles 100% fed by people spending or having spent their Erasmus period in any European city. ‘Eurogeneration’ This person would be credited and would be asked to send a picture of him/her illustrating his/her experience (not mandatory).
Information I need • to stay: where to find the best offers both online and offline; what you should knwo to rent a place; universitary campus; prices etc.

Finding a place

• : are there classes in English? is local language teaching well provided? how does the university system work? what are the tips to live in the university


• : tell me 3 places you absolutely recommend to see/visit in your city that are really special and not touristic


• : where to party with other Erasmus, best tips, cultural thinigs to take into account in clubs, pubs or whenever (about alcohol, things to do/not to do)


• about your experience in that city: would you recommend it to someone else?

Your feeling

Your picture if you agree :) Send your contribution to farano[at]