Tak København: Making of MULTIKULTI on the ground in Denmark

Article published on March 16, 2012
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Article published on March 16, 2012
This is what four days of our latest feature project Multiculturalism on the ground looked like in Copenhagen, Denmark. Meet the Italian Nicola who asked Danish hipsters to get undressed – and: try to find the multiculturalism angle in that! Then there’s Charline from Belgium who made it through Pusher Street in Copenhagen’s hippie neighborhood Christiania.
Half-Danish half-English, Dominic took a train out of the city to the refugee camp of Sandholm. Germany’s Katharina tried to find out why no one wanted to talk to her about the Mohamed cartoons. And Annie from Scotland went to meet the Greenlandic community downtown – yes there’s even a Greenlandic film festival!

This all was possible thanks to the helping hands of the cafebabel.com Copenhagen team who organised a debate on the Danish ‘Folkekirke’ and the influence religion has nowadays in their country. Watch this space next week for our special edition from multiculturalism on the ground, live from the Danish capital