Syrian protests in Brussels

Article published on May 4, 2012
Article published on May 4, 2012
By Lisa Kittel Photo: Kristina Michel "We support our country and the reforms of president Assad. We don’t want any foreign interference.” With this slogan, Syrians in Brussels were demanding on the 11th of march 2012 and other occasions that Western governments stay out of internal affairs in their country of origin.
This Sunday, 29 april 2012, many of those exile Syrians showed that they think differently.

Syrien_Demo_Brussel_001.jpg "11 000 people have been killed in Syria. Why is this world silent?", the protestors asked. They rose awareness and sang in front of the stock market in favour of the Syrian people and against the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Syrien_Demo_Brussel_002.jpg They are supported by the Syrian Youth Mouvement and the worldwide "Syrian Revolution" movement.

This expressed opinion matches the informations reaching many Europeans through their main news channels. But it is opposed to the testimony quoted by the pro-syrian-protestors stating that western propaganda would modify the image of the "true" facts happening in Syria: Accordingly not the government but the rebels are a minority causing chaos in the country.

Syrien_Demo_Brussel_011.jpg We can not be there to watch what takes really place in Syria and we don't know how correspondents of Western medias obtain informations while taking care of their own integrity. We can only hope that Western governments listen to citizens who are demanding help and try to clearify and decide faster if an interference is necessary.