Survey Climate Change: where do we go from here?

Article published on Oct. 24, 2008
Article published on Oct. 24, 2008
There is a general consensus that global warming is a challenge which needs to be dealt fast. What do you do to counter climate change? Over the last few decades, people have had alternate fears between expecting an ice age or global warming. Climate change has become the reality today. We have to recognise that we became actors in the story. How it goes on, is up to us!

It’s not too late for a young generation to start making changes, and to teach younger ones how to get their act together. What can the individual do about climate change. First of all, do we have to do anything against it, or is adaptation the right way? Wherein is this process natural?  Wherein is it caused by the industrialised, oil-based society?

Secondly, does it really count what kind of bulb I screw into my lamp; whether I do the washing-up under water; or if I take the train instead of the car? I am sure, if in anything, then here the ‘many a little makes a mickle’ principle should prevail! We already know, the climate changes; we only have to realise, what and in how much we should alter.

Have you already reflected on what you can do to decrease your ecological footprint? Or do you already act? Share your plans and experiences with all Babelians. Wednesday publishes a special dossier about climate change. Contribute in the comments section.

(photo by courtesy of focalplane/flickr)