Stokman shows a different Naples in Scena del Crimine - Venice 2010

Article published on Sept. 10, 2010
Article published on Sept. 10, 2010
Walter Stokman set out to make a film about a Neapolitan forensics expert when he first got the idea for the documentary Venice Days title Scena del Crimine (“Scene of the Crime”). Once he got to Naples, however, he found a city teeming with stories to be told. The ones he focused on are all in some way connected to Naples’ underworld, yet are thankfully devoid of clichés.
Stokman gets further credit from not once mentioning the word “camorra” (the Neapolitan mafia).

Scena del Crimine is divided into seven “Scenes”, or chapters, on a juvenile detention centre; a middle-aged woman whose sons have had problems with drugs and the law; surveillance footage of hold-ups; the aforementioned coroner, and the co-ed Nunzietella military school, among others.

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