Stay Protected This Winter with Designer Sunglasses

Article published on Dec. 31, 2015
Article published on Dec. 31, 2015

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The sun may not seem as bright in the winter, but your eyes would disagree. With the holiday season approaching, keep you and your loved ones protected with a new pair of designer shades. We’ve listed the reasons why wearing sunglasses are crucial, even in the coldest months. Any eye expert or doctor will agree with the importance of shielding from sunrays any time of year. Stay protected and fashionable with our advice. Your eyes will thank you!

Why You Need to Wear Sunglasses in the Winter

There may be less hours of sunlight during the winter, but when the sun is out, it’s at its brightest and strongest levels of the year. Surprisingly, the sun’s rays are more damaging in the winter months. Humidity is less likely, which means sunrays are not as dispersed as they are in the summer. In addition, snow and ice reflect sunlight at more angles than in the summer. Snow can cause UV light to be exposed at double the capacity compared to the summer months. Make sure you buy a pair of sunglasses that covers 100 percent of UV rays. This doesn’t mean they have to be expensive, many brands and prices offer 100 percent UV protection.

Be mindful that UV rays are more intense at higher altitudes. If you’re hitting the ski slopes, or going on a winter walk, then sunglasses are a necessity in order to prevent eye damage and aching pain. Some sunglasses include wrap around frames to avoid extra exposure from snow on the ground. If you’re out for a full day on the hills, wrap around options, as well as polarized shades, are significant features to add to your wish list for finding the best shades.

You often hear doctors tell people to wear sunscreen in the winter. Well, the same reason applies for sunglasses too. Winter winds and low temperatures can dry out your eyes, and the bright rays can cause sunburn in and around the eyes too. A pair of protective sunglasses will reduce the risk of wrinkles and dry skin near the eye area, so your visage will be happy to know you’re wearing shades year long.

By wearing sunglasses year long, you prevent eyestrain and headaches that can be caused by squinting and overexposure. Overall, your face will have a healthier complexion and you’ll feel replenished if you wear sunglasses.

Designer Trends and Styles

Designer sunglasses are versatile enough to suit any personality. Buying designer sunglasses that fit your face in the winter will provide tremendous benefit to your health and image. There are numerous styles such as round sunglasses or the popular wayfarer sunglasses. These handmade Italian sunglasses also included guaranteed 100 percent UV protection from the sun. 

Looking good and feeling good has never been so easy. Sunglasses may be one of the only stylish trends that are also recommended by doctors. Your health will benefit and you’ll look fashionable without the effort. Lens color, frame color, and shape come in a large variety for any picky desires you may have for finding the right sunglasses for you. You’ll have fun picking out your favorite pair, and you might even discover the ideal Christmas present for a friend!

The Perfect New Year Gift

Here’s why to buy eyewears as a gift for the holiday season. Sunglasses are a gift that keeps on giving during the whole year. Your loved one will be happy to wear their new pair of shades on the snowy slopes in winter, for long walks and bike rides, and during a beach trip or vacation. And since sunglasses come in a wide range of styles and prices, there is something for everyone.

When deciding on a pair of eyeglasses for your family and friends, consider the shape and length of their face, what kind of outdoor activities they like to do, and the general style they prefer. Long faces pair well with lengthier sunglasses while wider faces look good in aviators or round sunglasses. The fashionable wayfarer sunglasses are another option for a functional gift.

If your loved one goes outside a lot, consider a polarized pair to keep them protected for extended hours in the sun. A grey colored lens will reduce brightness without affecting color, this is also great for an outdoorsy person. Yellow and rose colored lens shades are trendy, but make things brighter which could be frustrating in the middle of the day. Remember to review these options before buying the perfect Christmas present.


Winter is upon us and your sunglasses should be on too. Don’t keep these outfit essentials in your closet during the winter months when the sun rays are the strongest and most exposed during the year. With so many trendy styles, it will be hard to resist buying a pair for you and a loved one this holiday season. And you’ll feel guilt free the next time you’re out playing in the snow.