Stand in the shoes of European politics

Article published on Jan. 12, 2009
Article published on Jan. 12, 2009

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A future attraction for the puropean Parliament seeks extras to present the politics of the EU in a fun way. Latest titbits from Brussels

The College of Europe is currently seeking volunteers to play virtual characters in an interactive, multimedia role play activity. This game, created by the Norwegian company Media Farm, has the job of explaining the role of professionals who work in the European sphere, the political proceedings of the EU and particularly the role of MEP's in a fun way to secondary school pupils aged between fifteen and seventeen.

In the future, the game will become a popular way of introducing people to the European parliament. More than one hundred role play sketches will be recorded in Brussels at the end of January. Journalists, lobbyists, ordinary citizens, men and women between 15 and 65 years old are also sought to perform small roles. (To register before the 13 January click here)