Special dossier "Sex & The City"

Article published on April 24, 2012
Article published on April 24, 2012
Photo : Davide Martinotti Sex, eroticism... sometimes taboo, often mysterious. In our European capital, sex is everywhere and not just where it's noticeable. It can be found at the end of an alley, around an exposition, on the small screen, inside a book, in the foggy atmosphere of certain student parties, or simply at home. Glamourous, chic, even trashy, sex in Brussels can be seen in many ways.
Fearless and intrepid, Cafebabel Brussels shares with you an investigation into what sex has become in the 21st century in our dear capital.

The World of Escort-Girls

Escort-girls.jpgBy Alfonso de Cea

Translated by Danica Jorden

Escort girls perform work that is not visible to the general public. They are pleasant, attractive, well-educated, they take care of themselves, and they are, above all, young. “Irchik,” a Russian escort in Brussels, agreed to share her experience with Cafebabel to introduce us to the hidden world of escorts.

Prostitution: Go behind the curtain

Prostitution.jpgBy Alfonso de Cea

Translated by Danica Jorden

La Fonderie, in collaboration with Espace P, is hosting until 7 April 2012 an exposition entitled, Prostitution, passez derrière le Rideau… (Prostitution, Go Behind the Curtain). It’s a collection of photographs by Frédéric Pauwels, accompanied by stories of prostitutes in and around Brussels, illustrating the history of the world’s oldest profession.

Sex, Lies and The Media: The Sordid Threesome Unearthed by Jean Quatremer

sexe-mensonges-medias.jpgBy Aris Kokkinos

Translated by Danica Jorden

On his blog in 2007, Jean Quatremer, Libération correspondant in Brussels, was the first journalist to discuss Dominque Strauss-Kahn’s problematic relationships with women. He has today just finished a book on the DSK affair and its effect on journalism. He answers Cafebabel Brussels questions.

The Tupperware Phenomenon: Gaude Mihi!

sexandthecity.jpgBy Nathalie Jusseaume

Translated by Danica Jorden

The word for “dildo” in French, “godemichet,” comes from the medieval Latin expression “Gaude Mihi,” or “Rejoice in Me.” Cafebabel Brussels is talking about toys, sensuality and pleasure, as the team participates in a sex toy Tupperware party, right in the middle of Brussels. There is a real surge in Tupperware parties in the capital. This trend is rather recent and women talk unabashedly about sex. But what really happens at these parties? Soft Love, a Belgian company that markets fashion and erotic products, seized upon the opportunity to develop the “home demonstration of sextoys” concept. Soft Love representative Leyla Parent played the game by responding to our questions in order to better understand this new phenomenon. Ladies, to your godes!

Literature and Eroticism: Cupid Always Draws His Bow

Litterature_et_erotisme.jpgBy Maria Moreno

Translated by Danica Jorden

Reflecting the theme chosen for the 2012 edition of the Brussels Book Fair (“Sex, Books & Rock ‘N Roll”), it’s easy to draw a parallel between erotic literature and rock culture. Ever since ancient times, eroticism has oscillated between conflict and freedom. Today, literature holds a mirror to a society that has changed the standards of subversion.