...somewhere in Brussels.

Article published on March 15, 2010
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Article published on March 15, 2010
Wow! I will work at the European Parliament in Brussels! Finally I got it! What can be more exciting after a long post-graduate year, a few kilometers from Brussels, at the "Smurf-village" Louvain-La-Neuve. Well, basically things did not unfolded as expected, the enthusiasm quickly disappeared and those who have worked at a MEP office understand what does it mean to be a stagiaire ..
Well, I have to say that my MEP was flexible with me.

A lot of committees attending, supervisors, meetings, workshops, notes, amendments and these corridors with so many "stories" to tell ... you agree? Friendships, alliances, old favorites, stabbing in the back, the freshman trainee of this MEP, the "alleged", .. the demands of the politicians .. But every evening when I left the office, I turned my head to look back the Parliament and just few meters farther the Berlaymont, oops there are still many lights at 9 pm .. Sometimes a quick drink after work at Place de Luxembourg ..

With the good and bad moments, this exciting experience to work in the European Parliament, the Commission ...anyway somewhere in Brussels, Strasbourg, Luxembourg for many of us was our first job.

I even remember Gianni, Christo, Fay, Lina, Maria and Theodoris’ efforts to teach us how to write a proper press release ... the whispers in the aisles, the laughters just as soon as the door closes ...

What’s your story?