Someone has to speak!

Article published on March 8, 2011
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Article published on March 8, 2011
A new and heavier cloud of pessimism has been hovering over Greece the last few days. Angela Merkel, along with the German fiscal nationalism on one side, and a government worn out due to its problems on the other, are bringing depression a step closer.
  It is evident that the March 25 European compromise everybody asks for so that we can deal with the debt crisis will prove to be a very tight shoe for the Greek feet. We and our Mediterranean neighbours are going to give too many things in order to get next to nothing in return. 

by Ioanna Papadimitropoulou

One hears that even the much-discussed extension of our debt repayment is under threat. The debt will keep growing and the possibility of breaking free from it will get ever more distant. On top of those appalling predictions we have a series of the worst possible disaster scenarios, this side of Nostradamus. Serious scientists are starting to ask anxiously whether there is a possibility of a return to the drachma. Some are the same that last year were reporting in all seriousness that a friend of them saw the mint lights on at night – when it is known that the mint prints euro all day and all night long. Everything looks set to make our path to the end of March especially slippery, uncertain and dangerous; the deranged German specialists that propose a return to drachma for Greece, the native disaster-mongers who see the country's exit from the eurozone or bankruptcy as the only solutions and the government that stays silent as this unfolds. The worst thing about all these scenarios is the inability of the government —considering also that the prime minister is down with a virus — to give a definite and concrete answer. Someone has to speak at last! Source: