Article published on Aug. 30, 2010
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Article published on Aug. 30, 2010
One of the two massive corruption political scandals at the moment in Greece is the illegal payments made by the German engineering giant, Sienens to greek politicians in order to profit from public contests and works. In Spiegel we read: German investigators want to uncover the full extent of the Siemens bribery affair. The company has already admitted that between 1999 and 2006 as much as €1.
3 billion ($1.8 billion) was spent on dubious payments. The company is thought to have resorted to bribery after its communications division had missed a series of industry trends and suffered from a collapse in overall demand.

And in DW- WORLD.DE: Prosecutors say industrial conglomerate Siemens spent some euro57.5 million illegally in Greece to win a contract with then-state owned telephone operators OTE 1997-2003. Greek officials are also investigating alleged corruption in deals between Siemens and the state involving security systems for the 2004 Athens Olympics.

What’s new on the case from the greek side is that the Supreme Court’s Prosecutor Valyrakis will pursue further criminal prosecution for Siemens as a criminal organization. His words ; « Siemens is making fun us ! »

A " criminal organization who acted against the Greek government, commiting fraud, repeatedly money laundering as well as active and passive bribery "...