Shameless Self Promotion

Article published on March 14, 2008
Article published on March 14, 2008
I am now officially a professional writer. I am open to interesting offers of writing work as well as translation (English, French, Spanish), proof reading and copy editing. As people closer to me will know this is a decision that I have been wrestling with for a short while, and is a big step into the unknown. However making a living out of what I love doing is a tantalising prospect!

If all else fails, I should get a decent book out of it!

Provisional title: Memoirs of a Pauper

So if you are interested in working with me, please email me here and we can discuss it further. My rates are negotiable and will vary from project to project. As I am making a living out of this I have to assess proposals on a cost/benefit basis however I will give every offer my due consideration.