Serifos: Cycladic work of art

Article published on June 7, 2011
Article published on June 7, 2011
by Rania Kalapoda Serifos! One of the most enchanting islands. In recent years it has become a particular popular resort for those who want to make their holidays in a place with good tourist infrastructure, but still retaining its traditional character.

  Serifos is a wonderful place, with wild landscapes, small green valleys and countless white houses looking fabulous over the steep rocky slopes. The breathtaking view is completed by long sandy beaches, traditional Cycladic villages and major historical attractions.

  The island is just 2.5 hours from the port of Piraeus and due to its proximity to the surrounding islands many small ships are operating voyages.  From the port of Serifos, bus services are covering almost all villages. You can also rent a car or a motorcycle from rental agencies which are available to the island.

  The Chora, the capital of the island offers you a wide selection of hotels and rooms to rent. You can even book a room in the village of Livadi which is the most popular spot of Serifos, so if you're young and you want to be at the core of the island you have to book your stay there.

What enchants all visitors are the large areas of sandy beaches. Many say Serifos has some of the best beaches in the Cyclades. It is known for its crystal clear waters and countless trees thatoffer shade to bathers.

  On the southeast side, beneath the town lie you will find the popular beaches of Livadi and Avlomonas, and the long golden beach Livadakia too. Further to the south one can find Karavi beach with its turquoise waters.Nearby is the Kalo Ampeli beach, which offers peace and relaxation to those who seek it. Indeed, the Livadi beach is ideal for water sports such as windsurfing, water skiing and water cycling.  

Travellingalong the north coast, we find beautiful beaches such as the beach of Lia, the picturesque bay of Agios Sostis, the stunning beach of fine sandand turquoise waters which also is considered by many the best beach on the island. Another beautifulbeach worth visiting is that ofAgios Ioannis.

  On the north side of Serifosyouwill also find Kentarhosbeach with turquoise waters and abundant trees and two beautiful bays in Plati Yialos.On the northwest coastthere is the wonderful beachof Sikamia with sand and pebbles.

   Subsequently, on the southwest side of the island, we find the long beach called Avessalos and Megalo Livadi, which has shallow waters and many trees, so it is ideal for families with young children. Also, Malliadiko beach is ideal for those who want to avoid the crowds and enjoy relaxing in the tranquil scenery whilelistening only to the splash of the sea.

  In a picturesque bay on the south coast you will find the beaches of  Koutalas, Ganema and Vagia’s beach. The pebbly beach Koutalashas trees and is situated below the village. Beach Ganema and Vagia is for those seeking peace, they have sand andpebbles and offer you total relaxation.

   Finally, if you aresailing or own a small boat, you can explore the secluded bays and very impressive beaches, which are not accessible by car or motorbike.

After you have spent countless hours on the beautiful beaches you will definitely want to eat somewhere niceand taste local delicacies. You will find countless restaurants in Livadia and in many other coastal villages. The traditional food of Serifos is the chickpea soup, which is made by chickpeas in the oven with rosemary. Is also famous for the delicious macaroons, pastries, wine, honey and cheese. During your stay on the island, we recommend you try the chickpea soup, the marathotiganites and loutza (sun-dried pork). For dessert have the "pastaki", the traditional cake, where the biscuit is soaked with rum, cream and chocolate.

   Start your tour on the island with a walk inChora, which is considered the most picturesque in the Cyclades. It is a picturesque village built on a hill above the harbor. From there you canenjoy  magnificent views of the Aegean Sea and the island landscape. It has whitewashed houses and white traditional churches in conjunction withwild rock formations create stunning contrast of colors. It is the place totake a leisurely stroll through the narrow streetsthat are full ofCycladic buildings.Visit the ruins of castles, the churches of Christ, St. Constantine and St. Athanasius. The Archaeological and Folklore Museum and the restored windmillsthat are abundant on the island aresites you should not neglect to visit.

 Continue your walk on the Livadi, which is the popular resort of Serifos and has become a favorite new holiday destination in the Cyclades. Located on the southeastern coast of the island, beneath theChora, is the main port on the island. This is a unique destination as it is well known for its natural beauty and theamphitheatric location.You should not forget to visit the church of Agiou Georgiou on the Livadi. Do not forget also to visit the nearby Tower "Psaros" at Megalo Livadi, including the abandoned village of Pyrgosand the ore loading conveyor that was built in 1932. It is known that mining Serifos played an important role in the economy of the island years earlier.

   The village of Panagia is a beautiful mountain village in the center of Serifos surrounding the Byzantine Monastic Complex of the Virgin Mary. The intense nature of this Cycladic village made it special and unique. The Galani is another picturesque village in North Serifos. The village is built in levels and gives magnificentviews. The village got its name from the ancient galena mines that existed in the region. Do not forget to visit the well-known and impressive Moni Taxiarxondating back to the 17th century near the site Galani,whichis built in the form of a fortress  and where you will have the opportunity to admire the remarkable ecclesiastical art. Finally, Kentarhos is built on a hillside above the homonym bay on the northeast coast. Features of the village is clean whitewashed houses, quaint alleyways and magnificent views over the Aegean.

In the evening you can visit  Livadi, as there are the most fun places along the coast and in narrow alleys. You can enjoy a drink at  basr and clubs, which stay open until the early hours.There is nightlife for all tastes .. You'll find clubs with a strongbeat music, clubs with greek music .. even club for metal music fans of the genre.

  Serifos, the island of contrasts, is an ideal choice for relaxing vacation days in a clean Cycladic environment. It is no coincidence that in recent yearsit has becomeone the favorite of the Cyclades islands for many. It is certain that a visit to Serifos will make you love it for its unique and unparalleled charm.