Article published on Nov. 10, 2012
Article published on Nov. 10, 2012
Renata Pylarinoy from the Athens University of Economics and Business writes about the Global Community Development Program Last March I had the opportunity to be a volunteer in a foreign country with AIESEC’S Global Community Development Program. My decision to participate in this, proved the best decision I've ever made.

As soon as I was informed about these programs nothing could keep me from applying! It was something new and exciting that I definitely wanted to try!

That’s how I got to my dear and beloved Serbia. A country that under other conditions I wouldn’t have the chance to know, a country that I loved very much and now I feel like a second home. A country with such a common history with our own, with warm and hospitable people, with beautiful and unique landscapes.

I spent 2 unforgettable months in a foreign country, I met people from all over the world and worked in a team helping many young people find the job of their dreams. I didn’t know the impact of what I was doing until I heard the first Thank you from a young man who had just been hired from a great company thanks to our work. For me that was something priceless.

Because beyond the basic knowledge I gained on human resources, public relations, marketing and the professional network that I developed, I won something much more important. I developed as a person, explored myself and eventually grew to be better.

ais.jpg After all this is what happens if for 6 weeks you live and interact with people from different countries and cultures, you work, dance, laugh, cry together. You are all devoted to tha same goal and you are striving to accomplish it. It is an experience so powerful that truly changes you. And it is the best kind of change. I can safely say that now I have friends worldwide and they are friends for life. I will never forget the day we said goodbye at the bus station. I felt like I was leaving behind an amazing multicultural family, leaving behind a part of me. Although I am going to see all of them again and soon, because when you bond with someone like that, you cannot forget him easily.

If you ask me today if I would want to be there now, I’ll say a huge yes.

Yes, because I became a better person, yes because I met and loved amazing people, yes because I think that when you have a common vision, you must do everything you can to succeed.

I feel really lucky that through an organization such as AIESEC, I got involved in something incredible, that I would not change for anything. I wish all of you to be able to experience something like that, because it really is something special !

I dared, got out of my comfort zone and won a lifechanging experience. What about you ?