Schaerbeek Opens the House of the Women

Article published on April 14, 2010
Article published on April 14, 2010
On the 22nd of April, the Schaerbeek Municipality will celebrate the opening of its House of the Women, which aims at becoming a new meeting and exchange place. Every woman is welcome regardless of age, nationality or social environment. The goal of the House of the Women is to contribute to the social cohesion made by and for women.

This multifunctional building will host both public housing and a friendlier wing for the women’s accommodations including a kitchen bar, a pub or a reading space.

The House of the Women will be inaugurated on Thursday April 22, at 6.30 pm. The following artists will take part in the ceremony


Les Ateliers PARTage

Cécile Michel

Les mains qui écoutent

Erminio Modesti

Chantal Debaise

Louise Baterna

Where? Rue Josaphat 253, Schaerbeek, free entrance!

Inauguration Maison des Femmes

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