Scanorama screens 125 films from Northern Europe

Article published on Nov. 20, 2008
Article published on Nov. 20, 2008
The Scanorama-Nordic Film Forum, the biggest film event in Lithuania, which is spread over two weeks and three cities (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda) until November 30, is introducing some 125 films from the Nordic and Baltic countries to local film fans and professionals.

The main programme, Scanorama News, has 20 recent Nordic films on show, such as Terribly Happy (Denmark), The Home of the Dark Butterflies [trailer] (Finland), The Man Who Loved Yngve (Norway) and Astropia (Iceland).

The Crossing Europe section features some of Europe’s most talented emerging talents, including Germany’s Florian Gaag (Wholetrain [trailer]) and Greece’s Thanos Anostopoulos (Correction), who also take part in the Young Film Generation co-production forum. Other international experts on hand to share their knowledge with Lithuanian filmmakers include Soon-Mi Peten and Kerstin Olander.

Festival director Gražina Arlickaitė says that one of Scanorama’s key objectives is “to place the achievements of Baltic filmmakers in an international context”. With this goal in mind, Arlickaitė has put together the new programme New Baltic Cinema, combining the latest productions from the region, such as the award-winning Monotony (Latvia), Estonian Oscar entry I Was Here [making of] and The Bug Trainer (Lithuania).

Swedish star Lena Endre and the Icelandic filmmaker of Quiet Storm, Guðný Halldórsdóttir, are among the Nordic delegation attending the event, with Bjarke Ytre-Arne and Jan Erik Holst from the Norwegian Film Institute.

Scanorama is part of Vilnius-European Capital of Culture, which officially kicks off on New Year’s Eve.

Annika Pham