Russian Literature...(and more besides)

Article published on July 13, 2007
Article published on July 13, 2007
Yesterday I undertook my first interview for my EOTG project and enjoyed myself enormously. I interviewed Igor and Maia (pictured) from Union Scene and spent over an hour and a half talking about the lives and concerns of Russians living in Estonia.
Although I was initially nervous about venturing into this field, after an hour I had to switch off the sound recorder to preserve memory on my phone! They were kind, welcoming and bowled me over with their enthusiasm and passion for what they believe in and represent. Over coffee they drew me into a World that I had little prior knowledge of and left me with a clear sense of direction, purpose and belief in what I was writing about.

Spending an afternoon talking about politics, alluding to Tolstoy and learning about a culture hitherto off my radar I got the feeling that journalism really cannot get more enjoyable than this...

But today is another day...