Rumour has it in Italy: SZIGET is coming soon!

Article published on June 21, 2016
Article published on June 21, 2016

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There is one Hungarian word everybody knows here in Rome: lo Sziget. And nobody is wrong, when an explanation is needed: that wonderful island on the Danube, where magic happens every summer. We discovered all the impressions of regular and future Szitizens on the Release Party of the festival in Rome, which rocked the night on 10th of June.

Pierluigi, 29

Have you ever been on the Sziget?

Of course, I have visited the festival three times in my life.

Which are the most memorable moments?

All my memories are simply fantastic from there, but if I had to recall one particular episode, I would say the Prodigy concert, when the audience were jumping so high that I had the feeling of flying, literally. I remember it was my first Sziget, in 2009 : I stood in one of the first rows, which is always crazy there, but I haven't expected the phenomenon that we will be so pressed by the people from backwards that my feet won't have a tiny space to touch the ground.

Have you made friendships?

In these three editions I obviously had the chance to make quite a lot of friendships, but not only on Sziget. In the meantime as well, while we could already be nostalgic and having the itchy feet as we were waiting for the next one.

Do you remember few words in Hungarian, which you have learnt on the Sziget?

Sziasztok, Szió, kurtoscalacs, vagyok.

Will you be back in this year on Sziget?

Very probably you will find me there also in this year.

Which shows would you like to see surely this year?

No doubt that I would love to see Chemichal Brothers, Sigur Ros, Muse, Manu Chao and Kaiser Chiefs.

Do you have any special expectations?

This year I expect even higher level of professionality from the point of view of organization, services, hospitality, and the participation of the civil sphere, because it's always under improvement.

How could you describe you idyllic island of the dreams and freedom?

Well, the island is really the place made of dreams. You can find there everything what someone can wish for: friendship, freedom, love, fun, airiness, art, culture, joy, equality, peace, relax. To sum up, if it wasn't the paradise, what else could be... ?

Francesco, 29

Have you ever been on the Sziget?

I have already been there two times and this summer will be my third visit in a row.

Which are the most memorable moments?

I couldn't pick one single beautiful moment. I would say the mesmerizing atmosphere of the music, the mixture of colors and feelings, and the freedom, what you breathe in for an entire week.

Have you made friendships?

On the Sziget and during the festival I have met many people, two of them are really special, though none of them is the part of my everydays. With Paolo we travelled to Budapest together by bus in 2014, this summer we will go together for the third time. Then I met a girl, Sara on an event of the university, where it has turned out that two month later we both will head to Sziget for the first time. Well, since then we meet every year on the Sziget. This is our only fixed appointment, since we live very far from each other, even if both of us is Italian.

If you had to make a decision, what would you choose: Sziget without Budapest or Budapest without Sziget?

If I really had to choose, I would pick Sziget without doubts, but with the complete consciousness that the festival out of Hungary's borders would lose its charm and its uncomparable organization, and above all its famous concept of freedom, which is the main characteristic of the event.

Which shows would you like to see surely this year?

There are a couple of concerts on the Main Stage, which I really wouldn't like to miss, such as Chemical Brother, The Muse, David Guetta, and the final show of Hardwell

Is there any particular corner or shelter of the island, where you would really like to go back?

If you get the chance to go to Sziget quite often, you won't have a precise idea where to go. You will enjoy to wander around, discover interesting food, and you will stop, where you hear a song what you like. But I really want to go to the Luminarium – since I couldn't manage to get there in the last year- , which is a labyrinth full of breathtaking lights and special effects.

Do you have any special expectation regarding Sziget?

I will go by bus to Sziget this time as well, and I am waiting a lot for my new travel buddies, especially those ones, who will go to the festival for the first time, so they will be totally excited and supercurious. Sziget is my second home, which doesn't stop to surprise me with new adventures and encounters, so the the expectations before departure are always pretty high.

Illaria, 25

Have you ever been on the Sziget?

I went to the Sziget first time in 2012, and since then I just can't miss a year.

Which are the most memorable moments you brought home?

To reduce all the beautiful moments to one is a difficult thing, also kind of impossible to remember, because there is an explosion of new emotions and feelings, which aren't easily managable or definable. Could you tell me, what is love without being distructed by yourself as you are looking at the sky in an upsent-minded way with a stupid expression on your face? Well, this is the effect of Sziget! Anyway, one of the most idyllic moments was the concert of Erica Mou at Puglia Sounds, who I haven't known at all before, and honestly, if I had heard it before, I would have given  a very critical feedback about her music. I found myself there accidentally, as I was only looking for a proper Italian breakfast with “cornetto” and coffee. I was waiting for my friends to wake up, when I bumped into this performance. I listened the song “Torno a casa (lasciami guardare)” - only the cornetto, the bench and me.

What was the craziest thing, which happened to you on the festival?

It should be all censored by dot-dot-dots... A rush of unknown people in the competition of “I advice you to take a selfie after sex, otherwise it doesn't count! Another significant episode of craziness was when I brushed my teeth properly, you know with the toothbrush in the right hand, and with the toothpaste in the left, in the middle of the crowd on the Prodigy concert, and I was like “It's a must, I ate onion and Kevin is coming!”

Do you remember few words in Hungarian?

The only expression I have learnt in Hungarian is “következő vásárló”, which was written on the sign, which separates one customer from the other in the queue of products in Auchan. Because in our Italian minds, it reminds us to an expression slightly vulgar, which makes no sense in this case.

If you had to make a decision, what would you choose: Sziget without Budapest or Budapest without Sziget?

I feel pretty ashamed, but these years, I couldn't managed to visit the city, besides those highlights and mainstream sightseeing spots, which we have run through mostly at the first time in the name of the mission “Take a pic or two for mommy!”. Of course, we have visited the therms as well, although it was another project, called “Let's have a bath, otherwise they won't let us boarding on the plane because of reaching the dangerous level of dirt and stink”

Which shows would you like to see surely this year?

There are some, which I won't miss for sure, like Sigur Ros, Kaiser Chiefs, Crystal Castles, M83, Jake Bugg, Editors, Bloc Party, Goran Bregovic, and Folkabbestia.

Is there any particular corner or shelter of the island, where you would really like to go back?

Well, I should go back to the Wedding Tent, because the meeting what I am waiting for on the Sziget, is the encounter with my future husband, who should be a Szitizen, and because of this is a prerequisite to go there, isn't it?

How would you picture the festival this summer?

I try to force myself to imagine the island this year, but I already know it won't work, because it turns out always, that it will be always more and different compared to the utopistic expectations, what I used to have on my mind, so I prefer to wait impatiently and let me be surprised. It would be the triumph of the organized anarchy, if only the anarchy could organize the things!