Rub(ber) a Dub

Article published on Dec. 14, 2007
Article published on Dec. 14, 2007
After the spiked helmet and the kapos, welcome to the spray-on Kondom! Our charming neighbours from the other side of the Rhine are decidedly very creative, and always followed by this unshakable aura of “Deutsche Qualität”. The good doctor and member of the Institute for Condom Consultancy Jan Vinzenz Krauze, true  to this reputation, intends to rock the anti- STD wear.
And also to seriously shatter the latex industry.

Plastic may be fantastic, and yet, « SprayKondom », his « exclusiv » and patented invention should rain on the bedroom market soon. In spring 2008, the spray-on condom will enter the Teutonic bedrooms. Down with the good excuses not to wear it, between “elephantine trump” and other “phallic smothering”

In an interview he gave to a blog, Kreuze promises his prophylactic spray to « provide the perfect fit to the physiology of the penis” and give “wonderful sensations”. On the technical side, the rules are strict and not for schlong claustrophobics: “you only have to put the erect penis in a tubular device shaped as a can”, the adviser explains, “before pushing a button which will spray a fine latex coating evenly on the penis from top to bottom

Available in « red, yellow, green or transparent », the apparatus will be available provided you pay between 20 and 30 euros for the “bomb” on the one hand, and the liquid latex “cartridge” on the other. Flashy or downright explosive, the rainbow sex will still have to wait for twenty good seconds, the time for the whole thing to dry, to be ready for action. The time to p(r)ay for safe sex?

(Crédit photo : ajeept/flickr)