Article published on Jan. 22, 2014
Article published on Jan. 22, 2014

What do you think of Europe? What do you know about it and what would you like to know? Whether you live in Nantes, Valldolid, innsbruck or Poznán, Hans Mund is coming to you to ask you these questions!

The Rock the Union project was born in June 2013, roughly a year ahead of the upcoming European elections. Like many innovators, Hans Mund and his team are throwing themselves into the spirit of crowdfunding to raise the funds to travel through as many European towns as possible.

Hans Mund intends to address the distance and misunderstanding between European citizens and the European institutions, since unless European citizens take an interest in the decisions of their European Parliament representatives, the democratic AND European framework will lose its strength.

According to this communication specialist, the solution does not lie in popular 'civic education', which is seen as too institutional and academic. In his opinion, what is crucial is getting out there and really talking to citizens, getting to know them, providing them with the information that they are waiting for on Europe.

This European tour will last 132 days travelling through 116 towns: check out the itinerary here. And why not help spread the views of people encountered throughout the journey on an international scale? That’s the aim of the Rock the Union blog and Facebook page. A selection of articles, accounts and short videos are published regularly.