Road safety: ministers put the brakes on

Article published on Jan. 16, 2009
Article published on Jan. 16, 2009

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Can we start fining people for excessive speed outside the borders of their country? A hot point for certain European travel ministers who oppose the idea. Latest titbit news from Brussels

This directive helps make the execution of cross-border sanctions and the circulation of information between the authorities in charge of registration documents easier. On 16 December the directive was approved by the European parliament by 594 votes to 35 (and with only forty people abstaining). However, the majority of the transport ministers at the EU are still opposed to this legislation in regards to road safety.

EU governments can wishing to reduce road deaths without providing the means to do it

For example, Germany is trying to protect nationals by guaranteeing them immunity when outside of German borders. The country's ministers have also proposed a new draft of the text which reduces it to almost nothing and is in the form of non-restrictive inter-government cooperation. Therefore it seems that the majority of European governments can continue stating that they wish to reduce road deaths without actually providing the means to do it.