Reflecting on Practice

Article published on Oct. 17, 2007
Article published on Oct. 17, 2007
So as the balmy days of summer end and the damp of a North Eastern autumn inhabits his chest, your hero finds himself, tired, overworked and lacking the mental energy to construct a logical sentence.
Since my last entry I have started my latest Uni course (yes, I will venture into the real world one of these days) and so is spending a disproportionate amount of his time fretting about teaching French and Spanish!

In the month since my last post, a lot of blog-worthy events have happened, which if it wasn't for the pain of Masters assignments, lesson planning and the social life that accompanies being at University again, that each could warrant a separate entry.

However for now I will be brief. These are some of the things that I have reflected on over the last two weeks...

Gordon Brown will not win the next election. Not so depressing until you consider the Tory alternative... An Englishman's football and rugby teams cannot be simultaneously successful. Red Bull and a load of coffee do not 'give you wings' as much as they make your face twitch! The general public are not as clever as some people give them credit for. The people who voted Jeremy Clarkson Britain's '3rd greatest wit' suffer from a form of dyslexia. If the Government are paying for you to go to University, they expect you to work for it. Undergraduates are getting too young (this year's intake are born in 1989!!!). People who wear t-shirts with semi-ironic slogans (i.e. the fat, spotty bloke I saw on Grainger St on Tuesday with 'I only sleep with pretty girls' emblazoned across his portly torso) should not be tolerated. Wearing reading glasses and stroking stubble can make people think that you are (more) intelligent/attractive. Mixing Mojitos and Czech Lager is not a good idea. As soon as you start using L'Oreal skin products, you stop getting asked for ID.