Recrutement campaign for English translators

Article published on Nov. 29, 2007
Article published on Nov. 29, 2007
WE WANT YOU ! Message to the Babelian population … and to all those who might seize the opportunity to join us (in other words, don’t hesitate to forward this message to your friends) : The Parisian Corner of Café Babel is looking for new English translators.

Your mission : To translate from French into English a minimum of one article per week but never more than three; however, the more you’ll be, the better the attribution of articles will be, this is how recruitment gets to  work alleviation, and this how a business becomes profitable!

So, don’t hesitate anymore. If you’re comfortable with one-way translation and if you want to invest yourself in Café Babel in a very simple way, become a translator!

For this, send an e-mail to :

Waiting to hear from you soon !

Sophie Helbert

Blog Coordinator