Record for illegal payments for the German submarines..

Article published on March 29, 2010
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Article published on March 29, 2010
Author: Kathimerini, on 28.03.10 Over 5% commission paid Only for the "Papanikolis" submarine, it was given 10 to 12 million euros. After Siemens, MAN, Daimler also the German company Ferrostaal AG allegedly gave tens of million euros to win the contract for the construction of submersible 214 of the Greek Navy in 2000 in Greece.
According to witness statements made from Company officials to the Prosecutor of Munich, commissions paid in this case exceeded 5%, while only the case of "Papanikolis' submarine was paid 10 to 12 milion euros of ... "usefull payments" -according to early indications of research- .

It is significant that the German company executives described the illegal payments in other European countries (such as Portugal), "kindergarten" in front of what took place in Greece. Ferrostaal illegal payments arose after an investigation by the Prosecutor of Munich to the parent company MAN in 2008. This resulted in a network of offshore companies through the German company which became the "relevant payments" (illigal) throughout the world.

Over the past few days officers of the company testified to the prosecutor, and last Wednesday the German authorities raided the offices of the company in Essen. Central point for the payment of illegal payments was London. There, Ferrostaal had created a subsidiary to manage the illegal payments.

The subsidiary was 'administrating' the suspect payments to Greece through a 60 year old Greek, who also had a 'consultanting" company. In accordance with the Prosecutor, it was the subsidiary which fueled the Greek officers who had some say in the supply and the construction of the submarines. The total contract exceeded 1.8 billion.