Razzies 2008: The ‘anti-Oscars’

Article published on Feb. 26, 2008
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Article published on Feb. 26, 2008
Golden Raspberry
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28 years ago, a resigned man with a sense of humour, critic and cinema writer John Wilson, had the brilliant idea of awarding the worst actors and actresses, directors, screenplay writers and films of the American cinematographic industry. Obviously, few have popped along to pick up the prizes recognising them for their lack of talent. But the ceremony is always much more amusing than the Oscars themselves. For example, some people with a sense of humour, like Halle Berry, have given us some memorable moments. I am talking about the memorable 2005 Razzies ceremony where she picked up her Razzie for with her Oscar in the other hand, that she had won for best actress in in 2004.

Whilst the whole world was dazzled by the lights of the 80th Oscar ceremony (http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=T&Id=13952) on 24 February, the awards which really celebrated American cinema had already taken place. The night before the Oscars, the Golden Raspberry (‘Razzies’ to friends) took place, honouring the worst American films of the year. A funny, honest act which merits your attention far more than the wanker fashion parade that takes place on the red carpet in LA’s Kodak Theatre. Catwoman”Monster’s Ball”

This year, the nominees were at the same level as the prize itself (the trophy is a gold spray-painted plastic blackberry about the same size as a golfball, which cost about £2.48 (or 3.50 euros). Worst picture award went to Lindsay Lohan vehicle . I haven’t seen not one of fellow nominees and (many of which haven’t even hit Europe yet). But I had a lazy trawl through the internet to pick up the trailer from Eddie Murphy-starring , so that you get an idea.

I Know Who Killed Me”Bratz”, “Daddy Day Camp”, “Norbit””I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry”Norbit

Murphy was crowned worst actor of 2007 for this flick. But I have to say I’d have voted for the pathetic (who was up for ).

Adam Sandler”I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry”

had the privilege of being ‘worst actress’ in 2007, and also ran away with the Razzie for ‘worst screen couple’ in a scene where she plays opposite herself in . and were fellow nominees, but they couldn’t compete with Lohan. The pregnant gets a mention from me for her outstanding non-performance as the invisible woman in , which itself crowned worst film of 2007 in this blog.

Linday Lohan”I Know Who Killed Me”Elisha CuthbertDiane KeatonJessica AlbaFantastic Four: Rise of the Silver SurferCafebabel.com

The new category and most original award was ‘worst excuse for a horror movie’, which went to Lohan’s me again, although I was gunning for .

”I Know Who Killed Me”Alien vs. Predator

But don’t be embarrassed if you liked one of these films. I am proud to say I will be a fan until I die of such flash in the pans such as (1997) or (2000). We’re all allowed a stupid day. Perhaps that’s one of the things that our ever far-off Yankeeland neighbours need to learn.

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