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Article published on April 27, 2009
Article published on April 27, 2009
Written by Ádám Terjék There is a new documentary film in the Hungarian cinemas about the football icon, Puskás. It is an epoch-making work using several archive photos, videos and original letters of his life. The new techniques and ideas applied in this film will definitely mean some revolution in the documentary film-making.

Before going into the details, let me tell a story dear Reader: One of my Hungarian friends was on a journey abroad when the following question was raised to him Where did you come from? I came from Hungary – he said. Suddenly someone chops in: Ahhh! PUSKÁS!

Puskás, the big icon of the football world were still living when a small group of artists and had a vision about filming the legen’slife. However his serious illness and his final death of17th November 2006 had influenced their ideas in a large extent. So that they had no other choice but to make a film with the help of the voice of a Hungarian actor, Imre Csuja.

The filming had been prepared by a thorough research about Puskás’s life, since they looked for every archive photos, videos, letters to tell Puskás’s story. They interviewed several former and present football stars and Puskás’s former team members etc. like Micheal Platini, Franz Beckenbauer, Sir Alex Ferguson, Pelé or Alfredo Di Stefano, all of them talking about the Hungarian icon in superlatives. They highlighted his football-skills, talent, strength of will and . As Tamás Almási director of the film once said: it was astonishing how doors were opening in front of us only because of having heard the name Puskás.

This film certainly tells everythingthe legend’s life. On the other hand it also highlights his personality and human side. This was completely the aim of the filmmakers and this is why it is said to be a particular documentary film To understand how difficult it could be, just think of the fact that almost everyone has a ‘Puskás-story’. This filmmakers interviewed two of Puskás’s teammates and former members of the legendary Golden Team – in Hungarian called Aranycsapat -, Gyula Grosics and Jenő Buzánszky. They even made interviews with Puskás’s widow, family and his housekeeper in Spain.

Furthermore, the film has another conspiciousgoal. On the one hand to make a clean breast of his life and on the other hand to make his name known among young people. The story how he managed to conquer the world makes him able to easily become an idol to the young generations. He is someone who makes people come closer and not divides. He was also famous and beloved not only in Hungary, but in Spain and in Greece and all the countries where he has ever been. „He could be a perfect idol to every young all around the word.” said the director – Tamás Almási.

A DVD and a 3-part TV-serie is planned to made from the more than 6000 hour muster, that will be distributed abroad as well.

Director: Tamás Almási

Screenwriter: Tamás Almási

Music: László Dés

Cameraman: Zsolt Tótht

Executive producer: Gábor Balázs

Cutting: László Hargittai


Imre Csuja (Ferenc Puskás sound)

Ferenc Gunner

Gunner Ferencné ’Bözsike’

Éva Gunner

Gyula Grosics

Jenő Buzánszky

György Szepesi

Franz Beckenbauer

Alfredo Di Stefano

Raymond Kopa


Photo: Telesport