Publishing Industry: Do We Need Movies to Save it?

Article published on Oct. 25, 2017
Article published on Oct. 25, 2017

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The reading of books has experienced a steady decline in the past decades. Even the rise of e-books did not save the industry as expected since the sales of e-readers did not reach the anticipated peak.

It seems that recently the movie industry has been keeping the publishing industry alive, as many bestsellers were first blockbusters, such as Never Let Me Go, which was a hugely popular movie starring Keira Knightley. Similarly, the vastly successful book series The Song of Ice and Fire, first published in 1996, only became popular after the even more successful TV series, Game of Thrones aired on HBO in 2011. So what does this tell us about our society? People read less, and they are rather attracted by fiction. A study shows that many Americans read only one book a year, or read that even just partially. Young, educated women read the most out of all demographics.

Great leaders, like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, always remind us of the importance of reading and claim to read several books a month. Bill Gates makes time to read about one book per week on top of all the charity work he has been doing after his time in Microsoft.

But how to implement that habit into our busy lives? If you feel like you don't have time to read at home, always carry a book with you. If you don't have much space, an e-reader can be an even better option. You can read on the bus stop on the way to work, at the park waiting for your friends or at the cafe on the corner while having your morning cappuccino. Just be careful with the weather, as rain can damage your reader!

Every time you feel like pulling out your phone, you can read a couple pages instead. Studies show that in the amount of time we spend on social media a day we could read 200 pages on average. So maybe it is time to opt for something more productive, such as the latest book from the Nobel-prize winning author Mr. Ishiguro.

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