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Article published on Jan. 22, 2008
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Article published on Jan. 22, 2008
Objectives Cafe Babel Birthday Show network faces Show babelian places in Europe Show multilingual aspects of networkConcept In each city where is present, we will produce a 3 minutes video casting the different members of local teams and asking them “ is turning 7, but what makes so different?

Answers of babelians should be short and in English (slogan, statements) and should be made in illustrative babelian city places in Europe.

At the end, all Babelians will say in their language

happy birthday In (my city), I read in (my language)

The Montage will be a compilation of all the individuals’ interviews showing the faces and voices of members of local teams. They will be put together and end up with the happy birthday or the “In Berlin, I read in German” (we don’t know yet)

The montage will be made by Brussel’s team, and should be as dynamic as possible (with music if we find some!)

How to do your video?

You need:

Camera Microphone (if possible separated)

Please do not use mobile phones (quality often sucks!)

Please send us the video in the avi or mpeg at 640x480 resolution!

Find a babelian place

a place where young people and Erasmus students go, not tourists, a place which is inspiring and well known in your city! But try to find a place which is not to noisy, especially from cars!


In Paris : place Beaubourg, in front of the the Museum of Modern Art (Pompidu) In Berlin: Alexanderplatz In Brussels: place du Luxembourg

It’s up to you to find the right place!

Get members of your network together

In every city gather members of your local team.

1 to 10 persons, it doesn’t matter. The more people you have, the funnier!

You can have people with different accents, it’s great! Girls and boys are welcome!

Ask each individual the following question and have him reply in 1 short statement in English

What makes different?

Ask them to tell in their original language:

happy birthday In (my city), I read in (my language)

Please think in advance about what you’re going to say. And try to be the most original! We will show the first name of the people and the name of the city!

Shoot the video and send it to Babel Bruxelles


Please try to do the shooting during the weekend!

We ask all teams to send us the video contribution until Tuesday 29th January at 10 am

We will do a selection of the best contributions for the video and show the final result on 1st February on coffeefactory!