Pride Week, Celebrating Pride in Colour

Article published on May 22, 2012
Article published on May 22, 2012
By Alfonso de Cea Translated By Danica Jorden This year, the 17th Pride Week will be held from 4-12 May 2012. “La Pride du 12 mai” (Pride of 12th May), which will take place in the centre of Brussels, will conclude and be the culmination of “Rainbow Week” in Belgium. This festive event, organised by Rainbow House (La Maison Arc-en-Ciel), will present the demands of the LGBTQI collective.

Wear Your Rights!

Pride Week will offer a panel of activities concerning the rights of the LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, queer, intersex) community in Brussels, Belgium and beyond, in an atmosphere of jovial protest. It will be a citizen’s festival accenting initiatives on the local governmental level involving the Rainbow collective, right before the local elections. In fact, Belgium is a model, even pioneering, country in terms of legislation on this matter.

There are still a few things to work on, especially at the local level, in our districts. Even today, as homophobic assaults persist in outlying districts as well as the larger cities, Belgian Pride is pleading for LGBTQI acceptance in their community. There is a real for this community to be visible at the local level.

“Visible Citizens – I Want to Be One. Do You?”

That is this year’s theme, the cornerstone on which Belgian Pride will bring its case. Rainbow House is using this slogan not only to reach potential electors, but also and especially the candidates in the next district elections. In order to be visible all year long and everywhere, candidates must be encouraged to include specific measures in their programmes.

Having brought out 50,000 last year, this year’s Belgian Pride will undoubtedly be one of the “not to be missed”cultural events of Brussels.