Presentation Cafe Babel Local Team(CBLT) as of 26.12.2008 – Discussing and Creating a European Belarus!

Article published on Jan. 5, 2009
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Article published on Jan. 5, 2009
© Orangell, Minsk Café Babel Local Team The project launch took place December 26 in the « Podzemka » art- gallery in Minsk. While the Team pulled their thoughts together and guests wandered around gazing at arts exhibited, the indie-rock “Barbados” was warming up the audience with their positive and lively tunes. Discussion unfolded as music was colouring the event.

imageDSCF1738_sm.jpg Alexander Adamiants, Chief Editor of the Internet-based journal “Novaja Europa” (New Europe) introduced the idea behind the event: defining the key concept of the evening – Discussing and Creating a European Belarus. Adamyants later introduced his project – the journal, and presented its third printed copy on globalisation.

imageDSCF1782_sm.jpg Alexander Adamiants, Chief Editor of the Internet-based journal “Novaja Europa”


Reading the printed copy of the "Novaja Europa" journal

The Minsk CB Team was introduced by Alena Zuikova, the team leader. She elaborated on the Café Babel project itself, on what the “local team” was and what the Minsk team competences were.

Orangell“Café Babel – is a European media project, aimed at exploring the contemporary Europe. The task of every CB local team – is to provide with means to participate in global processes through the inclusion into the broader network. We aim at both enlightening and stimulating the biased public opinion of the Europeans about Belarus and the deeply rooted Belarusian image of themselves. I want to gather and offer a “live” look from within and hope our activity will substitute superfluous perception with more critical and knowledge-based thinking.” .

imageDSCF1832_sm.jpg The short presentation was followed by a music break to digest the information heard and spare time for some feedback. A rock-group “Hotel” performed during the break.




imageDSCF1884_sm.jpgAfter the break a broad discussion unfolded between the “eurosceptics” and those belonging to the “euro-optimist” camp. The discussion problematique centred around the uncertainty of the eurosceptics over the value of information about Belarus and the Belarusians for the Europeans; as such - about the rationality of offering the information. Another issue raised, a more complex, in a way – was the issue of the Belarusian identity: to consider yourself European or attribute to other groups. It’s obvious the Belarusian identity comprises many layers and the open-ended question is what layer of values, cultural, historical and political peculiarities is intrinsic to the Belarusian self-identification.




--- Video from the disccusion appears soon ---

The Barbados indie-rock group tried to act as a peace-maker between the competing camps following the Dostoevsky’s “Beauty would save the world”.

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