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Article published on Dec. 5, 2007
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Article published on Dec. 5, 2007
Starting in mid-October, the Premium launch Event took place all over Europe. From Paris to Prague, with stops in Stockholm, Brussels, and Tallinn, introduced its community to the Very Important Babelians (VIBs)—’s friends, as well as journalists, partners, bloggers, and long-time supporters.

Premium_event_1First stop is Paris on 17th October, where the RCE, the central office cafe babel, is situated.

In the "Maison de l'Europe" we presented our community, results and objectives of cafe babel to our guests. Afterwards they enjoyed a cocktail and celebrated the Premium launch with us. More pictures are here.

Next stop is Prague, the heart of Europe ;-)

VIB_Praha_1 The local team in Prague celebrated our community launch on the streets. Many people passed by and attended the event which was followed by coffee and biscuits. Check it out here.

Now we are heading to Stockholm, where our Scandinavien team is situated.

VIB_stockholm Check out the blog entry about the event, which took place in a restaurant.

In Strasbourg the event took place on 24th October and was followed by wine-tasting. Unfortunately we don't have pictures, but have a look at this very active blog.

The Premium launch event in Budpast and in Bucharest took both place on the 29th October.

Here is Budapest:

VIB_budapest On the Budapest blog you'll have a fully report about the celebration of the community.

VIB_bucharestHave now a look at the Premium launch in Bucharest: The event in Bucharest took place within the University of Political and Administrative Studies. Click here to see more pictures!

Let's head now on to Brussels, where the event took place on the 8th November. celebrated with champagne in Brussels for the launch of the Babel community.

Special guests have been invited to participate in a debate about the new and increasing influence of bloggers and how this is changing traditional media. Mana_at_debate.jpg

Mr Jean Quatremer, Journalist for Libération, independant bloggerMs Ylva Tiveus, Director Communication, Media and Services, European CommissionMr Frank Van Bockstal, Echevin, E-Government, Etterbeek commune

public_at_MEF_Premium_Lauch.jpgClick here for more information.

Let's follow now the Premium launch event in Vilnius:

VIB_vilnius During the presentation of the community, local activities have also been discussed. Get here more informations.

In Prishtina, where one of our newest local teams is situated, a Premium launch event has been organized with the debate for the Europe on the ground in November. Discussed has been "EU - what's in it for Kosovo" with the international journalists of our Europe on the ground project. Check out the newly created blog from our Prishtina-team.

We will keep you updated with news from Tallinn and Madrid, where our last Premium launch events have been organized. Madrid celebrated in the bar "Babelia", a truly babelian name ;-) The Lisbon-team organized a Europe on the ground in October, during which the community has been celebrated with the participating international journalists.