Praise to mobility

Article published on Sept. 18, 2017
Article published on Sept. 18, 2017

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Mobility’s ideology dominates every aspect of our life

Nowadays there’s a new imperative which has occupied every aspect of our life: mobility. You need to “go away”. Faraway is better a priori. Study, work, free time and love aren’t worth but we have to consider them only international relaities. Who refuses an opportunity offered in China or Israel, he’s a crazy man, ungrateful a person who doesn’t know “his time”.

Molbility creates meetings, new human and job experience, new projects. Who doesn’t take part in all of this, is out of the game. No mercy for him, he’s an ignorant. Mobility’s idolatry stumbles on itself. What matters is to keep moving, changing even though often you don’t know why’re you doing that and so you lose the sense of the “travel” which should be at the heart of the new followed experience.

Mobility’s ideology is very aggressive and it’s based on the concept of globalized citizen.We all want to be world’s citizens or even better ciudadanos del presente. So, international ambitions bump into the obsession with “local”. We want to go around the world, living everywhere, contaminating everywhere  while being closely connected to our roots and to respect for the environment. Mobility’s ideology contradicts itself again: it offers impossible dreams to the majority of people and then it sells to the few who can, “local products” 5,000 miles away from home.

The new leading thought  coincides also with a politic which has lose its legitimacy. It seems useless to apply ourselves making “neighborhood” battles when all you need is to move away and the problem is delited. We don’t care anymore about local reality because we’re geographically unstable. Nice to say, difficult to do. And since traveling for study, work, amusement or cluture is great, not being aware of what’s around usi s deleterious and it’s used as a weapon against us. In short: what do we care about the forthcoming privatization of the ATAC (Tramways Company and Coach of the Municipality of Rome) or of the AMA (Italian company which deals with the collection, treatment and disposal of waste in the Municipality of Rome) if next year we’ll go to Bruxelles?

The magic’s trap of mobility is that we’ll find where we’ll be the problem that we thought we had avoided moving away. Unless we limit ourselves to pleasure trips we have to notice how the new globalist directive shares the same values everywhere. Those who can travel, experience, live in compliance with dictat. Those who can’t keep being marginalised with their economic and cultural poverty.

To the traveller bathed in luxury counterposes the migrant. The first one takes a break from the stress of business the other one a break from war and hunger.

Who really has got power knows that nowadays there’s nothing more easy than launching a company in Singapore, Luxembourg or in Cayman Isands.

Taxes are paid by those miserables who have still not understood globalisation.