Post-it poets: J A Sutherland

Article published on Sept. 28, 2012
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Article published on Sept. 28, 2012
JA Sutherland is an emerging poet based in Edinburgh. Check out his blog, where he writes poems in response to objects in the national museum of Scotland. What do you want to be when you grow up? JA Sutherland: A grown up. What poem would you take to a desert island? JA Sutherland: I would take ‘The Water magician from San Diego’ by Elaine Feinstein. cafebabel.
com: If you ran away, where would you run away to?

JA Sutherland: The past. Do you have a favourite line or fragment of poetry?

JA Sutherland: There’s a short poem by Roger McGough called 'Vinegar'. It’s one of my favourites.


i feel like a priest

in a fish & chip queue

quietly thinking

as the vinegar runs through

how nice it would be

to buy a supper for two. Suggest a question for next time.

JA Sutherland: Should the poem ‘If’ be made gender neutral? Draw us a picture.

JA It’s… an animal of some kind.

JA Sutherland: It’s a goat. I knew that.

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that JA was actually our first post-it poet to be interviewed - apologies for breaking the chain of questions from one poet to another! Check back in a fortnight for our next post-it poet, Matt MacDonald.