Post-it poets: Anne Makes

Article published on Jan. 8, 2013
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Article published on Jan. 8, 2013
As promised, post-it poets have finally gone Babelian and have landed in Göttingen, Germany, where the brothers Grimm once collected their fairy tales. We were delighted to meet some fantastic young slam poets in December. First up is Anne Makes, who makes poetry political at slams throughout Lower Saxony What do you want to be when you grow up?

Anne Makes: No idea… I’m not thinking about that yet! What poem would you take to a desert island?

Anne Makes: I’d take one by Moritz Neumeier called ‘Drei Wunden' (Three wounds), because that was the first poetry slam which really impressed me. If you ran away, where would you run away to?

Anne Makes: Somewhere in the mountains, perhaps the alps. Somewhere with snow! Do you have a favourite line or fragment of poetry?

Anne Makes: I really like rap music, or hip hop type poetry… I don’t think I have a particular fragment. What do you find unpleasant in poetry, or poetry more general?

Anne Makes: I really don’t like it when literature, particularly in poetry slams, has racist or sexist content. Suggest a question for next time.

Anne Makes: Ooh, I have to think about that!... What slam poet would you take with you to a desert island, or to some place solitary? Draw us a picture.

Anne Makes post-it

We'll be back in a couple of weeks talking to the wonderful Pauline Füg, so don't run away for long!