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Article published on Feb. 4, 2009
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Article published on Feb. 4, 2009
I invite you all to take a look at Energy from Portugal It powerfully starts like this: 43% of our energy comes from renewable energy sources. No wonder we worship the sun, the sea and the wind. It reveals testimonials from Bill Clinton, Sam Bodman, Tony Blair, the King of Sweden and the President and CEO of Nissan and Renault.

Furthermore the website presents Portugal’s energy policy, nothing less than: Leadership in renewable energies

The success stories are quite some and the results achieved are:

- 43% of gross electricity generated from renewable sources;

- Largest wind farm in operation in Europe;

- Largest PV solar plant in the World;

- First worldwide wave energy project to reach the market;

- National platform for electric cars in 2011;

- EDP the 4th company in the world in renewable energy.

The website links to some related press. I add one more:

- Portugal’s renewable energy boom (Guardian.co.uk photo story)

The last of Portugal’s true commitments, to globalization, took place 5 centuries ago and produced many admirable results too, such as:

- The discovery of the direct maritime route from Europe to India, rounding the Cape of Good Hope, under Vasco da Gama;

- The discovery of Brazil, by Pedro Álvares Cabral;

- The first expedition around the world, under Fernão de Magalhães;

- The discovery of Australia (not confirmed), New Guinea, Timor Island;

- The first trading ship to reach China;

among many others…

Now, as 500 years ago, the sun, the sea and the wind are taking us further.