Portugal | Ejaculatory Prayers Heavenwards

Article published on June 6, 2009
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Article published on June 6, 2009
The weather forecast for Portugal on Sunday, the 7th of June: Clouds are covering the sky, with a temperature of . The chance of rain: 74 percent. So, if you want a shiny weekend, all the Portuguese should pray in sunday's worship. May be, they also should light a candle for the closing of the European Election in the afternoon.

church_at_Obidas.jpg12 to 16 degrees

The politicians are worried about a low turnout - like many of their colleagues in the other countries like Slovakia, Poland, Ireland, ... ! Therefore, they started a big campaign in the last couple of days - and hope, that their work will influence the voter's choice. But bad weather and the missing enthusiasm of the Portugues for the European Union and the elections, they also should light a candle in the church.

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