Politicians as doctors in China during 19th century

Article published on June 18, 2010
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Article published on June 18, 2010
I think most people feel...’’something’’..lets say akward, betrayed...ashamed about their politicians. Maybe the whole world does.. I struggle to find out what what can be a solution, an alternative ... what could replace them.

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I do not mean right or left, center, red, green, blue ...

Can a World exist without politicians? Can a society continue to exist without politicians?

Can a society continue to exist without politicians?

And if so, who will deal with what is ’’related to the city =politikos'', who would define it? Is there a society without a political leader?

I think the solution is not to be found leftor right. In my opinion, both systems have two great shadows, flaws.

In capitalism, one may find greed, in communism, laziness and the mentality the State owes me...

The center, even more suspicious...wherever the wind blows..

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In the cold light of day, Greek political parties' notion of democracy -2010 AD- is we grab whatever we can and just when cameras turn off we are all friends, RIGHT, LEFT, CENTRE...long live people's opium.

I trust no solution which comes from their parliament.

But a State without a government can not exist .. (axiome of history, society, human and animal)

And as for meritocracy .. difficult, who will judge their own?

I once heard that in China during 19th century, the doctor was paid to keep a man healthy.

Once the person became patient, the doctor was no longer paid, society considered that he had done something wrong and deserved no reward.

Would this system work for politicians? Would this system prevent, stop those incapable to turn to politics for money and fame?

Perhaps if they knew that would be paid only if they succeed, would it change anything?

This may sound hyperbole but truly, I can not think of anything better, an antidote, a solution to this vast, DANGEROUS cast of 'politicians'.

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